Friday, February 8, 2013

The Story

 Deep within the sweltering, dangerous Amazon rainforest, the newest custom collaboration from Small Angry Monster X SoKo Cat emerges -- the Tribal Pygmies!

These hand crafted custom figures have been inspired by a journal entry found on ancient and weathered parchment:

Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett
27th May, 1925

“My Dear Nina,

The attempt to write is fraught with much difficulty, thanks to a situation that has arisen among the local tribesmen and this damnable torrential rain.

We hope to finally be rid of this wretched region within in a few days.  I have met with the Tukano tribal elder and they are quite angry, as we camped on their sacred ground.  One of the porters mistakenly sat upon a pile of stone, thinking it a fine resting place as he supped.  It was a sacred mound, and the tribe is in an uproar.

Our guide warned us of the wrath of the "curanderos pequenos."  These are legendary pygmy shaman, protectors of Tukano's sacred places.  He told stories of these tribal pygmies, donning masks of animals, birds and spirits, and are powerfully magical.  Underneath the masks reveal such horrible visages, indeed!  Changed by their sacred rites and heathen rituals, their faces are contorted!  Some even have one eye, or three!

Of course we dismissed this hoodoo and chicanery!  Such ridiculousness, Nina!  The next morning, however, many of the porters and a few pack animals were missing.  There were uncannily small footprints in the fresh mud around the perimeter of the camp this morning.   Naturally we assumed someone was playing an elaborate prank.  But we never found the porters or the animals...

I will double the night guard.

Hopefully we can make amends to the slight our porter has caused among the Tukano tribe.  Perhaps this run of desertion was due to these mystical "Tribal Pygmies?"  A laughable superstition.

I will write again soon. 


These customized collector's toys measure 3.5 inches tall, and have been lovingly hand painted. Colored distinctly from their stock colorways, these collectible art toys have been painstakingly painted with high quality acrylic paint.

SoKo Cat and Small Angry Monster chose to deviate from their usual high detail customs, selecting a very simplistic paint style for the bodies.  The basic body emphasizes the elaborate hand-made shamanistic masks each figure wears.  

The tribal shaman masks have been constructed using real wood, assembled and hand painted.  Each mask was then carefully painted with fine detail brushes, and decorated using real, natural feathers and hemp rope.  The result: a miniature tiki mask for each custom figure!

Tiki Masks Progress: The Early Stage
Tiki Masks Progress: Painting and Decorating
Tiki Masks Progress: Complete!

For just $30, you receive one randomly chosen hand painted figure, one random hand made painted mask, and a parchment copy of Percy's historical letter documenting the discovery of the tiny shamen. 

Each figure is signed by the artists, carefully packaged, and delivered to your door. 


Icha ka WANGA!

BONUS: One figure will come with a golden ticket!  This entitles the bearer to a special chase custom figure, complete with a glow in the dark mask and tribal weapon.  Only one ticket will be available, so act now! 

These figures are a work of cooperation and combined talent.  We hope you like them and decide to add one or more to your custom collection.  May you have more luck with them than the ill fated expedition!

S.A.M X SoKo Cat

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