Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Madness!

This past week, I participated in two shows: TOMODACHI's We Love Vinyl 3 in St. Paul, Minnesota, and SubUrban Vinyl's Annual Holiday Show/Ohmydolls! solo show.

Although not physically present for WLV3, I did manage to have two out of three pieces squeeze into the website pictures.  A few days ago, Tomodachi posted an opening retrospective.   While reading and scrolling, I stumbled upon my pieces!  Yay!

These two pieces are mine.  I submitted one of each type of Mini Caramel/Candy Apple from my custom Dunny series, and a traditional Rose Vampire.  Not shown is the Mini Candy Apple.

I did attend SubUrban Vinyl's show(s), and had a great time chilling (it *was* very cold outside ^.^) with old and new friends.  Spent most of my time around childhood friend and also fellow artist, Laura Weintraub, but also hung out with great peeps like Mike (NEMO) Mendez, Jacob Jams, and RT Vegas.

Group Shot @ Suburban Vinyl!
Jacob Jams

Jacob Jams' impressive stop motion video of Miss Zukie's Zukie and my Custom Pocket Mummy Boys and RV1000 can be found here ^.^

This morning, I received an email from awesome Captain Action dude, Ed Catto, who mentioned me in his most recent Pop Nation column (in New Jersey's Main Street Magazine).

Lastly, I am expecting a package from the lovely Blazon Brikhaus, who has sculpted some absolute beauties for our holiday collab.  If UPS decides to leave it at my doorstep today, I should be starting these cuties tonight!  Very excited.

Let's not forget about the resin trees.  These are coming along (and not to mention selling) nicely.  If you're interested in any of the ones you see here and/or want to request a specific paint scheme, you can do that through my store.

And here we are, again.  Back to crunch time.  I have a slew of things to finish before Christmas, a few tentative plans, and a Chinese New Year collab with Mike (NEMO) Mendez in early 2014. 

Ok, kiddies.  Time for me to go.  I hope all of you on the U.S. East Coast enjoyed the wonder that was an ice storm, snow storm, and deep freeze earlier this week.  Put on some thick socks, make some tea, and keep cozy. 

Ohhhh and if anyone wants a holiday card, I'll be doing those within the next week or so.  All you have to do is email me at with your mailing address, and I'll send you a regular (as opposed to SoKo Cat themed) holiday card with a SoKo Cat sticker and post card! ^.^  Completely free of charge because I am an avid supporter of sending holiday cards.

Have a good rest of your week, nerds.  Stay nerdy and awesome.  Remember that in the winter, because you have your heat running, your space will tend to dry out.  You'll get static electricity, and a dry (maybe even bloody) nose with some pain in your sinuses.  A humidifier should help.  If you don't have a humidifier or don't feel like investing in one, a wet washcloth on your radiator or a pot of water lightly simmering on the stove should help.  Just don't forget to keep water in the pot or you'll ruin your pot!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Startup Initiated

Hope all of you in the U.S. had a mahvelous turkey day.  I visited some family up in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and returned home in time to do lots of Black Friday shopping.

To me, Thanksgiving is the metaphorical starting pistol that kicks off the holiday season.  Now that it's already December, painting has commenced.

This past month, a few collaborative projects were put to rest due to conflicting schedules, but another few were gained!  I'm not going to jinx myself by getting all excited and announcing it to everyone, but I definitely will say that I'm working with a mighty fine female artist who does exquisite sculpting (as well as painting) work.  Hint: the lady's stacked and that's a fact.

This next collaborative project is something I'm currently working on, and you might have seen pictures up on InstagramKris Dulfer recently cast 1 1/2" flat back resin trees in GID, translucent dark green, and white.  I'm painting them up and pricing them extraordinarily reasonably for my first release of Christmas-themed goodies!  They can be given as a small gift or stocking stuffer, or you can just use them as portable holiday d├ęcor!

The first few styles are basic ornaments, lights, candy canes, etc., but I do have other things planned like metallics, snow-covered, and different color schemes!  You can buy/order these at my store...and for $4.99 each, you can get more than one and not break the bank!

As always, if you would like a style not readily available in my store, feel free to request a specific design when you place your order!   Or you can just email me and we can work something out.

Dark Green, GID, and White Trees!

GID Trees! - Ornaments and Candy Canes!

What else have I been working on?  I'm glad you asked!

This Greasebat and Friends commission is virtually complete, and I'm very happy with the results!  They were much more time consuming that I originally thought, but it doesn't mean I didn't have a super time painting them!

Don't mind my Copic marker collection in the background.  Or my pallet.  Haha.  Art space.  I has it.
Alright, nerds.  Hopefully you are all doing well!  The holiday season is a bit hectic, so remember to take some time out of each day to decompress.  Last night, I decompressed by casually reading a fashion magazine. 

Specifically, this fashion magazine.

It's strange and a bit out of character for me to enjoy such propaganda (I don't actually think it's propaganda, but the brain-washed-women's-college-student in me wants me to think of it that way;  that part of my brain clearly needs to be lobotomized), but this 400+ page beauty smells pretty and has attractive, shiny pictures.  Most importantly, I can come home from work, change into PJs, sit on my couch, have a cup of tea, and waste an hour just flipping with minimum brain power.

Mind you, there is scoffing and rolling of the eyes as I see hideous trends and outrageous prices!  I am also aware of the poor body image these types of magazines instill onto adolescent girls and conscientious women...but damnit I just want to read a stupid fashion magazine!  Leave me alone, brain!

Ooo this page smells nice.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

White Noise

This is the calm before the storm.  It is that period (sometimes) after Halloween, but before Thanksgiving, where people are (justifiably) alarmed when seeing store Christmas sales and wreaths erected.  I decorated my home for Halloween after Halloween.  It was for a party on November 2nd, and they're still scattered about the house.  Once Thanksgiving comes and goes, I'll pull out the Christmas decorations, put the Halloween decorations into the newly-empty Christmas box, and then return the Christmas decorations to the Halloween box.  It's a system that only makes sense in my head.  Ok, it's convenient because I'm lazy, and I don't feel like having two boxes out at the same time.  Now it can make sense to everyone.

Earlier this week, I received an unexpected email from Denny over at TOMODACHI in Minnesota.  He invited me to be a part of We Love Vinyl 3, an art exhibition, in December.  I accepted, yes, but was slightly disappointed to have work assigned in my "calm before the storm" period.  Then I remembered I'd get to add one more show to my list.  It's so silly, honestly, to look at a growing list of shows in which you've participated and have the "yeaaaah, I was in those!", but it really brings immense satisfaction -- similar to that of crossing mundane things off of a to-do list.

(To Do - Tuesday November 12:
Have a piece of fruit
Drink a glass of water
Start laundry
Fold laundry
Empty dishwasher

YES!  I showered AND shaved!  Success!  Now off to have a piece of fruit WHILE drinking a glass of water!  This day is going SO well.

And then this happened.

I ate the sticker and failed at fruit-eating.

So, I definitely may have abandoned the rest of my list, turned on TV, and discovered I could stream Breaking Bad through Netflix.  That's where my day ended and Breaking Bad began.  If I had only discovered Breaking Bad before NYCC.  Cash Cannon and Don Chulo -- let's collab!  Texting them as we speak.

Moving on to work-related stuffs, Crummy Gummy posted pictures to Instagram from DCON.  Here's the final collection.  


Lastly is the most exciting part of this post (other than it being the end, lol).  The pygmies have officially sold out!  It took some time, but it's wonderful to see that my FIRST project managed to sell out!  Today is a day for victories, even if they're small, personal ones.  Those are the ones that matter the most, kids.  Oh, it's awesome to be validated by other peoples' comments, feedback, and (in my case) sales, but if I should perceive my own work as crap, everything else would be moot.

Was this post worth writing?  Who knows.  I shared my to-do list, showed the tragic loss of my apple sticker friend, and finally acknowledged Breaking Bad as a new blip on my radar.  If none of this appeals to you, enjoy the picture of the various Crummy Gummies, celebrate the sale of the remaining pygmy, and note my participation in We Love Vinyl 3...and think of the rest of this update as white noise.

Ok, kiddies.  You have a good one.  Stay warm because it's really starting to get cold!  Make art, love yourself, and then vomit because you're acting like a dirty hippie.  ^.^


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Up for Air

Surfacing to take a staggered breath, and then back down I go.

NYCC was absolutely wonderful!  Thanks to everyone who visited and said hi.  A special thanks to everyone who purchased a raffle ticket!  And a huge, personal thank you to those of you who bought my art.  There was one zombie candy corn left after the show, and it sold from the Tenacious Toys surprisingly quickly.  NYCC 2013 Exclusive Zombie Candy Corns are SOLD OUT!  ^.^  I feel surprisingly accomplished.

Highlights include but aren't limited to: Getting in early to help set up, signings, raffles, The Walking Dead panel, Archer panel, getting THE LAST 10th anniversary Walking Dead #1 variant comic, bumping into people I knew but didn't expect to see.  But that will never top the 2010 adventure where Greg Nicotero recognized me from my childhood shenanigans at Chiller Theatre with Lia Savini.

Me at my second signing on Friday (Oct 11)! 

The Walking Dead panel

Chiller Theatre was SO MUCH FUN.  Spent the weekend vending with Nick Jodice, and we had a fantastic time overusing hand sanitizer and selling art and other stuffs.  We laughed, drank, and conversed with con attendees until our feet were sore and throats hoarse.  Then we did it again.  And again.  We were joined by Adam Pratt on Saturday, who brought a few custom-painted items -- several of which sold!

Highlights include but are not limited to: jumping the curb to park on the grass, borrowing someone's hand cart for 10 minutes, having Nick ask the girl covered in blood (Carrie costume) if she was ok, having people recognize and buy my art.

I was trying to get a picture of me in front of my table.  Hello, Nick photobomb!

I am 1/2 of the Break the Mold L table.  Look!  My stuffs! And there's Nick in the background selling his awesome stuffs.

DCON.  It is not a pest poison...well, it is, but not in this context.  DCON is the popular abbreviation for Designer Con, and it is this weekend.  I've painted a beautifully bloody Zombie Crummy Gummy (the zombie is my current go-to paint scheme when I've wasted weeks trying to come up with something else...and failed), and have sent it to CA to be a part of Crummy Gummy x Manny X's show.  Super excited :)  That means I've been in 6 shows this year.  It would have been 8, but the PTB didn't want me to participate in so many and stretch myself too thin. ^.^

Zombie Crummy Gummy
So, yeah.  That's what's been going on for the last month.  Coming up, I might have a Thanksgiving collaboration with the lovely Jennipho, and after that, there may be resin Christmas trees by KiD iNK iNDUSTRIES' Kris Dulfer.  Keep your eyes open!

Talk to you soon, nerds.  I miss you too.  But at least you get to see some new art! 


Friday, September 27, 2013

T minus 13 days until NYCC!!!!

September starts the cascade of events that eventually lead to New Year's Day.  New Year's Day basically means a wicked hangover and panting.  By panting, I mean finally stopping to take a breath.  Only 13 days until Comic Con!

Until then, I'm pretty much painting when I'm not eating, sleeping, or working.  Lately, a lot has been happening.  I've gained some pretty awesome studio space!  ^.^

Yay!  Studio space!
Promotional SoKo Cat items have been ordered and are beginning to trickle in!

This will be my postcard and sticker!

My buttons!

I'm buying a bunch of small items for Chiller Theatre so I can have items ranging from $1 to lots!

 Aaaand here are my current works in progress for NYCC and Chiller!

Zombie Candy Corns and GID Marley's Ghost - dia de los muertos variant
Marley's Ghost - bloody variant

Top: mini candy/caramel apple dunny WIP / Bottom: NYCC exclusives

Originally for Chiller, but as of last night, someone may have bought it and its mate. ^.^

So very exhausted tired always covered in paint excited!

Ok, kiddies.  I has the works to finish.  Be good and remember: drinking too much apple cider will give you a belly ache and etc.  But mostly etc.  If you don't know what I mean, drink too much apple cider.  Then you will know.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crunch Time

I ignored looming deadlines in college.  Traditionally, crunch time was after the sun set the night before whatever it was that I had put off was due.  Today, however, after learning about time management and completing projects here in the non-academic world, I call less than a month crunch time.  This is mostly due to the laundry list of things I need to complete by October 10th.  Then we start the dance again for things due on October 25th.

There are currently two things that are on my radar:  NYCC exclusives and promotional items.

Last week, I appeared on the NYCC website.

Look!  There's me!

 This is a really large achievement, and I'm so grateful for everyone for their encouragement and faith in my abilities and talents (Adam, Kris, Mike Die, Cash Cannon, Eric, Karen, Liz, the Robs, NEMO, Benny, Rsin...the list could seriously go on for days.)  Details of my signings and some exclusives are available on the Tenacious Toys website.  I know about half of the artists listed here personally, and they are a talented, friendly, quirky bunch.  Very much looking forward to spending time with them at NYCC!

Needless to say, I am elated.  I'm also crunched for time.  At signings, it is common for artists to offer promotional items such as post cards, buttons, and stickers.  Well, crap.  I don't have any of that, so in a very short amount of time, I have done preliminary sketches and am currently working with two or three different companies' art teams to create something remotely presentable.  That, in itself, is a full time job.  I also have the other full time job that involves me actually painting all of these things for these cons.  And on top of that, there's my normal 9-5 job that involves zero art.  But, hey.  It's my office ennui that allows me to spend the money on these post cards, buttons, and stickers.  I'd definitely say it's worth it.

But I love it.  I absolutely love it and wouldn't dream of complaining lest I sound pretentious.  (ex: "Ohhh, I WISH I had time to hang out, but I'm just so busy being impooorrtant"...ok, maybe not EXACTLY like that.)

What should you expect at NYCC from SoKo Cat?  How about we look at these handy dandy pictures and find out :)

Zombie Candy Corn - Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive
Marley's Ghost - KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES NYCC Exclusive

Not all of the Marley's Ghosts are glow in the dark, so I will definitely have more than one paint scheme.  The ZCCs are all the same.

On top of that, I've had a recent Bronzebeet release:


And then there's the artist sketch cards for people who purchase things at the cons:

Buttons and post cards not shown because they're not yet presentable.  Once they're here, I'll gladly show them to you.

So, kiddies, who will be at NYCC or Chiller Theatre this year?  SoKo Cat.  I hope you can make it!  It would be wonderful to meet you.

That's really about all for now.  I'll check back in soon with updates and more pictures!

Stay nerdy, chummers.  And always remember to floss.  Seriously.  Gingivitis is not fun, and a receding gumline is pretty much permanent!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Wrath of Cons

You see what I did there?  I made a pun ^.^

In all honesty, though, it is an accurate pun.  I have two conventions coming up in October, and SO much work to do!  Will someone PLEASE tell me why I've also agreed to some commission pieces in the middle of all of this madness?  Oh yes, because it's FUN!  That wasn't sarcasm, peeps.  When my eyes start to cross because I've been staring at Dunny heads for too long, it's good to pick up a Greasebat and work on something else.

That's a good tip, kiddies!  Always juggle three different projects.  No, really.  I promise I'm not being sarcastic, and I promise I'm not trying to sabotage you!  This is especially helpful when you're working on projects what have components that need to set or dry.  Washing, for instance, puts dark colors into the recesses.  It takes a good long time to completely dry, and if you're impatient, odds are you'll just ruin everything.  Truth.

Currently, I'm working on a number of things -- some of these things are TOP SECRET and will unfortunately not be revealed until I'm given the OK to do so (or until NYCC releases it).  I'll give you a slight spoiler alert and let you know that I will be doing signings at at least two booths!  Details will be revealed later this month.

(Wow, that sounds important and dramatic.  Speaking of important and dramatic, it always surprises me when people email me and are surprised and delighted to receive a personal and warm email as a response.  Yes, I answer my own emails!  No, I don't have minions to do such emailing.  Yes, I'd love minions to do my bidding.  No, you cannot be my minion.  But you can feel free to email me at any given time, and I will most likely email you back that day.  No, this does not mean you should go overboard and email me everything all the time always.)

Those caramel/candy apple Dunnys were very popular, but I did get some requests for less expensive versions.  Well, zip zap zoom abracadabra!  I will be making them using only the Dunny heads, and will be selling them for $30 each.  BAM.  There's your press release.  That JUST happened.  I'll have some up in my store for those of you who are not willing to travel all the way to Chiller Theatre.

On top of that, there will be lots of painted zombies, zombie candy corns, Baby Deadbeets, Argonaut Resins Series 2 monster magnets, O'Bots, and a few EPIC collaborations!  That's all I can say for now.  Whether I'm being cryptic because I don't want to spoil any surprises until at least October 1 or I can't remember everything off the top of my head is up to you to decide.

More updates soon!  In the meantime, go to my Instagram page to see what's on the menu.  What's on my plate?  How full my plate is? 

What I'm working on. 


Remember: three different projects or it's inefficient!  Unless you don't care about being which case I shrug my shoulders.  Whatevs works best for you!  I will not tell you how to run your life or do your art.  That's the wonderful thing about art: it's never wrong!  It's a freakin' artistic expression!  Ug, now I sound like a hippie.  I'm gonna go and wash my hands, finish up some work, and go home.  Oh, bed.  How I look forward to your fluffy, warm, awesomeness.  All in due time, my dear.  All in due time.

hahahahaha...I think I'm sleep deprived.  Damn you, late night art! *fist shake*



Custom Angel Micro Negora

Custom Angel Micro Negora are officially up in my store for sale!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dunny Discussion

...although a discussion usually requires two people to talk.  Kind of like an argument.  Hypothetically, if my mother screams at me for an hour, I wouldn't say we had an argument.  I'd say she just screamed at me for an hour.  So let's revise the title to to Dunny ... report?  I just liked the alliteration, ok?  Gawd.

Where was I?  That's right.  Dunnys.  To be completely honest, I'm not a huge Kid Robot fan.  These adorably shaped smooth blobs of vinyl have the same effect as an empty piece of paper; there are infinite possibilities, but the abundance of freedom is paralyzing!  PARALYZING, I TELL YOU!  I don't know where to start!  So, yea.  I usually stay away from Kid Robot Stuffs unless I have a specific idea in mind.  Truth!  A few months ago I was at a sculpting workshop at Sub-Urban Vinyl and left my poor Trikky untouched!  It just sat in front of me whispering insults the entire time.  "You'll fuck me up," she hummed.  "I'll suck the fluid out of your eyeballs if you touch me," she threatened.  I peed out fright and quickly excused myself.  In that order.

Jack-O-Dunnys!  These little beauties were one of my first Dunny ideas.  The Jack-O-Dunnys are a collaboration with the very talented M. Clancy!  He sculpted the pumpkin heads on the Dunnys, and I painted them.  I do say they came out rather nice!  There are three kinds of Jack-O-Dunnys: Standard, Silly, and Spoooooooky!  They can be purchased at my store!

Standard Jack-O-Dunny

Silly Jack-O-Dunny

Spoooooky Jack-O-Dunny

Candy/Caramel Apple Dunnys!  Because...why not?  I was just looking at them one day and thought to myself "self, do you know what would be cool?  If I made these Dunnys look like granny smith candy or caramel apples.  Yes.  I will do that.  I will do BOTH!"  And oh, boy, it was an adventure trying to find fake shaved coconut and fake chopped peanuts.  But in the end, I'm very happy with the outcome.  As I just said, there are two kinds: Candy Apple and Caramel Apple!  They can be purchased at my store!

Candy Apple Dunny with Shaved Coconut

Caramel Apple Dunny with Chopped Peanuts

Ok, kiddies.  Time for me to head out.  Hush, now.  I'll be back soon with many more awesome updates.  The next time we meet, I'll talk about kaiju!  (rawr!)

Thanks for supporting your friendly neighborhood SoKo Cat!

Stay out of trouble, now.  And the trash.  Cause that shiznat is grody.  Unless you accidentally threw out your retainer, in which case DIG DIG DIG!!!!  ^.^


Monday, August 26, 2013


As August comes to a close, I'm already panting at the amount of work I've finished and sweating thinking about the projects that have yet to be started.  These past few weeks have been incredibly productive, and I'm proud to reveal the list of items that are now finished and available in my store.

The first is my very first full-scale Deadbeet.  It came out very awesome, which is why I titled him "Awesomebeet."  Before you start drooling, I'm sorry to say that this sucker sold before I even completed it!  I do have another one that is still unpainted, so if you would like to claim it as your own, feel free to drop me a line.


My very first Baby Deadbeet drop, however, is named "Steelbeet," which is rather self explanatory.  These little dudes are adorably badass. 


I was thinking of doing gold, silver, and bronze as a set, but I see the gold ones have already been done.  Mind you, they were cast gold -- not painted.  Is it different enough so that people will want to spend the extra cashish to collect all three?  We shall find out.  What say you, Ben Bernanke? Although unemployment is still above average, the risk of inflation is minimal.  On the plus side, CPI has been lower than the Fed's objective of 2%.

So, yes.  Buy everything.  You want all the things.  ^.^

Deadbeets are turning out to be very rewarding to paint.  It's the recessed and raised areas that makes shading and highlighting really really fun.  Special thanks to October Toys and Scott Tolleson for the Deadbeets and extra goodies!  I definitely could NOT have done this without you!

Ok, ok.  I don't want to overload you with too much awesome, so I'm going to leave you here.  Tomorrow I'll discuss Jack-O- Dunnys and Candy/Caramel Apple Dunnys.  You may or may not see these on the blogs in the meantime.

Until then, stay in school cool dudes and dudettes.  I'll be back at the same bat time on the same bat channel.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This JUST Happened.

I made your Tuesday.  You heard me correctly -- by giving you yet another surprise update, I have made your Tuesday THAT much enjoyable.  Although, now that you think about it, if I don't do another update Thursday, I will have ruined your Thursday.  Yet another example of the yin and yang balance of life.  Or something. 

It's August!  This means ... absolutely nothing.  No, I kid.  It marks the end of the summer.  Pencils, notebooks, and backpacks are all on sale and BACK TO SCHOOL can be seen in virtually every store window or circular.  Fall 2013 marks my first fall out of school.  It is a giant relief, but I already have that restless, unreachable academic itch.  Essentially, my brain is telling me that if I'm not actively enrolled in some type of course material, it is going to wither and die.  But all of my research has told me that the next logical step is a PhD -- an idea that made me laugh on the spot ... and then immediately want to vomit as I realized that it would simply kill me.  The curriculum would slay my very existence.  So, yeah.  That will wait for another few months.  Then we shall start the vicious cycle again. 

Art!  That's right.  I do that.  This week, I've been dragging (not to be confused with a dragon).  I'm metaphorically biting my nails and compulsively checking my inbox waiting for NYCC to get back to me RE: the panel I applied to moderate/host/hang myself trying to organize about toy customization.  Part of me thinks I'll get the green light because it's not something I've seen before at NYCC.  We have The Block, which, according to NYCC's website "brings together art, design, collectible toys, pop-tech and fashion of the underground pop culture scene along with the tastemakers, trend setters, artists, thinkers and the brands that they create."  Panels that raise awareness for everything that falls into the realm of The Block would be beneficial.  Let's hope NYCC realizes that.  Its lack of prominence can also work against me.  Oh well.  Whatever happens happens.  I assure you -- you all will be among the first to find out.

The week is still early, but I've gotten a running start!  This weekend, I received my special order from Super7!  It's the blind bag micro packs -- yes, the SDCC exclusive items!  They come with two micro-size figs (a size to which I have given the technical term "itty bitty"): Rose Vampire and Mummy Boy.  Oh, these cuties are simply adorable.  I will paint them and love them and call them George.  I've also been working on Pocket Mummy Boys and a Pocket Rose Vampire.  They should be finished and put in my store by the end of this weekend (it would be sooner, but I have to set up the light box and camera and blahblahblahimsoincrediblylazyyy)!

Pictures.  Pictures help break up text.

A full size Mummy Gator, and the ever coveted Eyezon (pink) and GID Pocket Tripus (right)

Itty Bitty Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire - Green

Itty Bitty Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire - Orange Swirl GID

Starting to paint the Mini Negora (and its fish), Itty Bittys, Pocket RV and MB.

Oh, I heart this Rose Vampire.  I heart it good.  And you too, Mummy Boys.  You're simply adorable.

This week, my to-do list has been temporarily suspended.  I need to get all of my finished items photographed and sent out to respective places.  Zombie Candy Corns are being emailed to Tenacious Toys for NYCC announcements, Itty Bittys are being commissioned, all of the pictures are replacing iPhone images in my store, and I have a crap ton of press releases to get out.  I think I'll be doing them one project at a time on a weekly basis.

You'll be seeing lots of me on the blogs, nerds.  That is, if I actually muster (not to be confused with mustard) the patience and motivation to line everything up and take pictures.


Stay nerdy, my friends.  And always remember: just because your stuff hasn't sold YET doesn't mean that it won't sell EVER.  You're all amazing at what you do.  Unless you suck.  In which case you're not amazing at all.  I kid!  I kid! ^.^

k thx bai!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Out of Left Field

It's Wednesday and I'm posting!  HaHA!  You have been foiled by my preemptive post!  (Let's ignore the fact that I didn't update last week, shall we?)

As July comes to a close, and all of the stores have Back to School stuffs in their circulars, I'm starting to feel the Halloween Crunch!  Halloween reminds me of fall, and the advent of fall reminds me that I have yet to go to the beach this summer.  Although I am not a beach person, I do try to go once a year so I don't turn translucent due to lack of exposure to the sun.  I suppose the HOUR I spent on the beach when on a business trip in Honolulu does count, but it was not fun.  It was more of a "IhaveanhourtospareOMGimgonnagotothebeaaaach" rushathon.  Who knew you could rush relaxing at the beach?  Me.

Telling you I've bitten off more than I can chew is not new news, but I'll keep telling you because a) it's true and b) I continue to take bites.

On the plus side, the following projects/items are complete (Oh, the pictures!  This is what you've been waiting for, RIGHT?):

From left to right, Silly, Standard, and Spoooooky!

SoKo Cat x Mark Nagata!  Custom Angel Micro Negora!
Pocket Mummy Boy

Also, as it turns out, I've had a cancellation on this sale.  It is up in my store RIGHT NOW.

Right, then.  Now on to the predictable stuffs: This week's updated top 5 projects list!  
  1. Army of O'Bots for Carbon-Fibre Media  
  2. Dubose's Goblin V1 (waiting for filler, then for temperature to drop so I can prime)
  3. Triplikid's Gropers (teeth and hands only)
  4. Cash Cannon's Zombie Candy Corns (waiting for the rest to arrive!)
  5. Candy/Caramel Apple - Custom Dunny Series (heads only!)
Others include but are not limited to:  

DrilOne Drones
Zukie!  DIY
Box O' Zombies (11 sets, OMG) Monster Magnets for Argonaut Resins
Motorbot Owl
Ocular (Hellgnome) Monsters
64 Colors Gumdrops
Deadbeets (large AND small!)

All of this is art!  Hooray art!

But now, I needs to get back to work.  No, no.  Don't cry.  I'll be back soon.  Until then, you can stalk follow me on Instagram!

Stay nerdy, friends.  I miss you already!  ^.^