Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Out of Left Field

It's Wednesday and I'm posting!  HaHA!  You have been foiled by my preemptive post!  (Let's ignore the fact that I didn't update last week, shall we?)

As July comes to a close, and all of the stores have Back to School stuffs in their circulars, I'm starting to feel the Halloween Crunch!  Halloween reminds me of fall, and the advent of fall reminds me that I have yet to go to the beach this summer.  Although I am not a beach person, I do try to go once a year so I don't turn translucent due to lack of exposure to the sun.  I suppose the HOUR I spent on the beach when on a business trip in Honolulu does count, but it was not fun.  It was more of a "IhaveanhourtospareOMGimgonnagotothebeaaaach" rushathon.  Who knew you could rush relaxing at the beach?  Me.

Telling you I've bitten off more than I can chew is not new news, but I'll keep telling you because a) it's true and b) I continue to take bites.

On the plus side, the following projects/items are complete (Oh, the pictures!  This is what you've been waiting for, RIGHT?):

From left to right, Silly, Standard, and Spoooooky!

SoKo Cat x Mark Nagata!  Custom Angel Micro Negora!
Pocket Mummy Boy

Also, as it turns out, I've had a cancellation on this sale.  It is up in my store RIGHT NOW.

Right, then.  Now on to the predictable stuffs: This week's updated top 5 projects list!  
  1. Army of O'Bots for Carbon-Fibre Media  
  2. Dubose's Goblin V1 (waiting for filler, then for temperature to drop so I can prime)
  3. Triplikid's Gropers (teeth and hands only)
  4. Cash Cannon's Zombie Candy Corns (waiting for the rest to arrive!)
  5. Candy/Caramel Apple - Custom Dunny Series (heads only!)
Others include but are not limited to:  

DrilOne Drones
Zukie!  DIY
Box O' Zombies (11 sets, OMG) Monster Magnets for Argonaut Resins
Motorbot Owl
Ocular (Hellgnome) Monsters
64 Colors Gumdrops
Deadbeets (large AND small!)

All of this is art!  Hooray art!

But now, I needs to get back to work.  No, no.  Don't cry.  I'll be back soon.  Until then, you can stalk follow me on Instagram!

Stay nerdy, friends.  I miss you already!  ^.^

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