Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's Cool Where I Paint - That's All That Matters

Hey, peeps!  Enjoying this massive heat wave?  Neither am I.  But luckily there's such a thing as air conditioners!

Moving on, *technically* today is Thursday.  I said I'd update my blog on Thursdays!  ^.^

Right, then.  I'm certain I ruined all of your Thursdays as a result, and for that, I deeply apologize for not updating last week.

Busy busy busy!  Yes, I'm sure you're all sick of hearing how busy I am, but it's true.  I have this bad habit of biting off more than I can chew, which means I'm always overly busy.  On the plus side, that at least means I never have the time for boredom!  I have lots of stuff cooking away (no, that's not a temperature pun.  Yes, it is abnormally hot outside.  When I went to the bank, it was 100°F!), plenty of stuff that's nearing completion, and even more that hasn't been started.

Let's jump right in and reveal this week's updated top 5 projects list:
  1. M. Clancey's Jack-O-Dunnys (just touchups left)
  2. Dubose's Goblin V1 (waiting for filler, then for temperature to drop so I can prime)
  3. Triplikid's Gropers (waiting for temperature to drop so I can prime teeth and hands)
  4. Cash Cannon's Zombie Candy Corns (waiting for the rest to arrive!)
  5. Mark Negata Mini Negora (set 2 of 2)
Others include but are not limited to:  

DrilOne Drones
Zukie!  DIY
Army of O'Bots for Carbon-Fibre Media
Box O' Zombies (11 sets, OMG) Monster Magnets for Argonaut Resins
Motorbot Owl
Ocular (Hellgnome) Monsters
64 Colors Gumdrops

Yeah, I definitely have enough work to keep me fairly busy until 2014.  Again, whatevs. ^.^ The focus isn't on stress or a timecrunch.  It's having fun creating art stuffs!

Picture time :)  This is what I've been working on for the past few weeks.

These Negora will probably be in the toy blogs  sometime over the next few days.  You can also find them in my store!

SoKo Cat x Mark Nagata!  Custom Demon Micro Negora!

Custom Candy/Caramel Apple Dunnys!  Too delicious to pass up!

Specter Groper!  Soon to include hands and feet ^.^

Super7 Rose Vampire Commission

Zombie painted for friend Nick Jodice

Jack-O-Dunnys!  Almost done!

And then I went to Rita's for some custard. ^.^

Ok ok ok that's all.  I need to finish my mundane 9-5 work before I can leave.  And yes.  It's time for me to leave.  So I still have some chugging to do.  And that's not even the good kind of chugging :'(

Let's take a moment and notice I've said nothing about SDCC.  That's because I can never get tickets (hint, hint) and I'm dehydrated from salivating over all of the pictures posted on the blogs and Instagram.  Unless one of you peeps can get me a ticket for 2014, I will continue pretending it doesn't exist.  Or I'll just cry myself to sleep for a few days each July.

Hey, nerds!  Stay it! 

kthxbai ^.^

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