Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 3rd of July!

So, I think what I'm going to do is start an actual blog schedule.  This way, people like you can say "oh, today is Friday!  I LOVE Fridays!  Also, SoKo Cat updates her blog Friday!" or "Mondays SUCK.  Luckily SoKo Cat updates her blog on Mondays.  NOW I have something to look forward to on Monday."

Or something like that.

For now, let's say it's going to be on Thursdays (not counting tomorrow since it's July 4th).

These past few weeks have been busy (as all weeks seem to be nowadays).  Luckily I'm still going strong with no signs of burnout (yay!).  Really looking forward to having two whole days off from work.  That doesn't sound like very much, but when there's a weekend (w00t w00t!) attached to it, it turns into a four day weekend!  Excitement is an understatement.  But we'll get to my current projects in a sec.  I want to tell all of you about the Nerviswr3k workshop!

It was really fun.  Got to see some familiar faces like Kid Ink Industries, Dead Hand Toys, Small Angry Monster, and Nick Jodice.  Spent a good deal of time talking and hanging out, watching lots of people work with clay.  Nerviswr3k was very friendly, outgoing, and all around extremely pleasant to talk to and observe.  He was happy to answer questions and use clay to demonstrate his techniques.  Definitely worth the trip to SubUrban Vinyl!

Nerviswr3k's work!

The rest of the weekend was also good.  Ran some errands with the in-laws, ate at my fav local Chinese food restaurant, picked some strawberries and made jam, and went for a motorcycle ride.

I picked these!

We're making strawberry jam!

All done!

Aaaand, here is this week's updated top 5 projects list:
  1. Cash Cannon's Zombie Candy Corns (the ones I have are nearly complete!)
  2. M. Clancey's Jack-O-Dunnys
  3. Dubose's Goblin V1
  4. Triplikid's Gropers (WIP)
  5. Candy/Caramel Apple Custom Dunny Series (waiting for artificial nuts from China)
Others include but are not limited to:  

Mark Negata Negoras
DrilOne Drones
Zukie!  DIY
Army of O'Bots for Carbon-Fibre Media (They need to arrive first)
October Toys Deadbeets (still trying to get my paws on a large Deadbeet)
Lunartik Mini Custom Cup o' Tea (Where are the EYES????)
Box O' Zombies (11 sets, OMG)
Monster Magnets for Argonaut Resins
Motorbot OwlOcular (Hellgnome) Monsters
64 Colors Gumdrops
Oh, boy.  I think I bit off more than I can chew.  Ok, I don't think -- I know.  Whatevs. ^.^ It'll be lots of time and stress ... but most of all, it will be FUN.

PICTURES!  Everyone likes pictures.  You might have read about some of these on the custom toy blogs or seen them for sale in my store!  These are a few projects I'm planning for the fall. Welcome to my preliminary pass for fall releases!

Candy/Caramel Apple Custom Dunny Series.  Now accepting pre-orders!

Mummy Dunny!  Also for sale.

Zombie Candy Corn!  You'll see these at NYCC and Chiller Theatre!

That's about all for today!  I'll definitely be back with more pictures soon!

Something about nerdy and you staying it!  Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day!  If you don't celebrate July 4th because you're not from the US, you can start now!  Have a beer, kick back, eat a hamburger!

kthxbai ^.^

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