Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This JUST Happened.

I made your Tuesday.  You heard me correctly -- by giving you yet another surprise update, I have made your Tuesday THAT much enjoyable.  Although, now that you think about it, if I don't do another update Thursday, I will have ruined your Thursday.  Yet another example of the yin and yang balance of life.  Or something. 

It's August!  This means ... absolutely nothing.  No, I kid.  It marks the end of the summer.  Pencils, notebooks, and backpacks are all on sale and BACK TO SCHOOL can be seen in virtually every store window or circular.  Fall 2013 marks my first fall out of school.  It is a giant relief, but I already have that restless, unreachable academic itch.  Essentially, my brain is telling me that if I'm not actively enrolled in some type of course material, it is going to wither and die.  But all of my research has told me that the next logical step is a PhD -- an idea that made me laugh on the spot ... and then immediately want to vomit as I realized that it would simply kill me.  The curriculum would slay my very existence.  So, yeah.  That will wait for another few months.  Then we shall start the vicious cycle again. 

Art!  That's right.  I do that.  This week, I've been dragging (not to be confused with a dragon).  I'm metaphorically biting my nails and compulsively checking my inbox waiting for NYCC to get back to me RE: the panel I applied to moderate/host/hang myself trying to organize about toy customization.  Part of me thinks I'll get the green light because it's not something I've seen before at NYCC.  We have The Block, which, according to NYCC's website "brings together art, design, collectible toys, pop-tech and fashion of the underground pop culture scene along with the tastemakers, trend setters, artists, thinkers and the brands that they create."  Panels that raise awareness for everything that falls into the realm of The Block would be beneficial.  Let's hope NYCC realizes that.  Its lack of prominence can also work against me.  Oh well.  Whatever happens happens.  I assure you -- you all will be among the first to find out.

The week is still early, but I've gotten a running start!  This weekend, I received my special order from Super7!  It's the blind bag micro packs -- yes, the SDCC exclusive items!  They come with two micro-size figs (a size to which I have given the technical term "itty bitty"): Rose Vampire and Mummy Boy.  Oh, these cuties are simply adorable.  I will paint them and love them and call them George.  I've also been working on Pocket Mummy Boys and a Pocket Rose Vampire.  They should be finished and put in my store by the end of this weekend (it would be sooner, but I have to set up the light box and camera and blahblahblahimsoincrediblylazyyy)!

Pictures.  Pictures help break up text.

A full size Mummy Gator, and the ever coveted Eyezon (pink) and GID Pocket Tripus (right)

Itty Bitty Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire - Green

Itty Bitty Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire - Orange Swirl GID

Starting to paint the Mini Negora (and its fish), Itty Bittys, Pocket RV and MB.

Oh, I heart this Rose Vampire.  I heart it good.  And you too, Mummy Boys.  You're simply adorable.

This week, my to-do list has been temporarily suspended.  I need to get all of my finished items photographed and sent out to respective places.  Zombie Candy Corns are being emailed to Tenacious Toys for NYCC announcements, Itty Bittys are being commissioned, all of the pictures are replacing iPhone images in my store, and I have a crap ton of press releases to get out.  I think I'll be doing them one project at a time on a weekly basis.

You'll be seeing lots of me on the blogs, nerds.  That is, if I actually muster (not to be confused with mustard) the patience and motivation to line everything up and take pictures.


Stay nerdy, my friends.  And always remember: just because your stuff hasn't sold YET doesn't mean that it won't sell EVER.  You're all amazing at what you do.  Unless you suck.  In which case you're not amazing at all.  I kid!  I kid! ^.^

k thx bai!

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