Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dunny Discussion

...although a discussion usually requires two people to talk.  Kind of like an argument.  Hypothetically, if my mother screams at me for an hour, I wouldn't say we had an argument.  I'd say she just screamed at me for an hour.  So let's revise the title to to Dunny ... report?  I just liked the alliteration, ok?  Gawd.

Where was I?  That's right.  Dunnys.  To be completely honest, I'm not a huge Kid Robot fan.  These adorably shaped smooth blobs of vinyl have the same effect as an empty piece of paper; there are infinite possibilities, but the abundance of freedom is paralyzing!  PARALYZING, I TELL YOU!  I don't know where to start!  So, yea.  I usually stay away from Kid Robot Stuffs unless I have a specific idea in mind.  Truth!  A few months ago I was at a sculpting workshop at Sub-Urban Vinyl and left my poor Trikky untouched!  It just sat in front of me whispering insults the entire time.  "You'll fuck me up," she hummed.  "I'll suck the fluid out of your eyeballs if you touch me," she threatened.  I peed out fright and quickly excused myself.  In that order.

Jack-O-Dunnys!  These little beauties were one of my first Dunny ideas.  The Jack-O-Dunnys are a collaboration with the very talented M. Clancy!  He sculpted the pumpkin heads on the Dunnys, and I painted them.  I do say they came out rather nice!  There are three kinds of Jack-O-Dunnys: Standard, Silly, and Spoooooooky!  They can be purchased at my store!

Standard Jack-O-Dunny

Silly Jack-O-Dunny

Spoooooky Jack-O-Dunny

Candy/Caramel Apple Dunnys!  Because...why not?  I was just looking at them one day and thought to myself "self, do you know what would be cool?  If I made these Dunnys look like granny smith candy or caramel apples.  Yes.  I will do that.  I will do BOTH!"  And oh, boy, it was an adventure trying to find fake shaved coconut and fake chopped peanuts.  But in the end, I'm very happy with the outcome.  As I just said, there are two kinds: Candy Apple and Caramel Apple!  They can be purchased at my store!

Candy Apple Dunny with Shaved Coconut

Caramel Apple Dunny with Chopped Peanuts

Ok, kiddies.  Time for me to head out.  Hush, now.  I'll be back soon with many more awesome updates.  The next time we meet, I'll talk about kaiju!  (rawr!)

Thanks for supporting your friendly neighborhood SoKo Cat!

Stay out of trouble, now.  And the trash.  Cause that shiznat is grody.  Unless you accidentally threw out your retainer, in which case DIG DIG DIG!!!!  ^.^


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