Monday, August 26, 2013


As August comes to a close, I'm already panting at the amount of work I've finished and sweating thinking about the projects that have yet to be started.  These past few weeks have been incredibly productive, and I'm proud to reveal the list of items that are now finished and available in my store.

The first is my very first full-scale Deadbeet.  It came out very awesome, which is why I titled him "Awesomebeet."  Before you start drooling, I'm sorry to say that this sucker sold before I even completed it!  I do have another one that is still unpainted, so if you would like to claim it as your own, feel free to drop me a line.


My very first Baby Deadbeet drop, however, is named "Steelbeet," which is rather self explanatory.  These little dudes are adorably badass. 


I was thinking of doing gold, silver, and bronze as a set, but I see the gold ones have already been done.  Mind you, they were cast gold -- not painted.  Is it different enough so that people will want to spend the extra cashish to collect all three?  We shall find out.  What say you, Ben Bernanke? Although unemployment is still above average, the risk of inflation is minimal.  On the plus side, CPI has been lower than the Fed's objective of 2%.

So, yes.  Buy everything.  You want all the things.  ^.^

Deadbeets are turning out to be very rewarding to paint.  It's the recessed and raised areas that makes shading and highlighting really really fun.  Special thanks to October Toys and Scott Tolleson for the Deadbeets and extra goodies!  I definitely could NOT have done this without you!

Ok, ok.  I don't want to overload you with too much awesome, so I'm going to leave you here.  Tomorrow I'll discuss Jack-O- Dunnys and Candy/Caramel Apple Dunnys.  You may or may not see these on the blogs in the meantime.

Until then, stay in school cool dudes and dudettes.  I'll be back at the same bat time on the same bat channel.


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