Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Madness!

This past week, I participated in two shows: TOMODACHI's We Love Vinyl 3 in St. Paul, Minnesota, and SubUrban Vinyl's Annual Holiday Show/Ohmydolls! solo show.

Although not physically present for WLV3, I did manage to have two out of three pieces squeeze into the website pictures.  A few days ago, Tomodachi posted an opening retrospective.   While reading and scrolling, I stumbled upon my pieces!  Yay!

These two pieces are mine.  I submitted one of each type of Mini Caramel/Candy Apple from my custom Dunny series, and a traditional Rose Vampire.  Not shown is the Mini Candy Apple.

I did attend SubUrban Vinyl's show(s), and had a great time chilling (it *was* very cold outside ^.^) with old and new friends.  Spent most of my time around childhood friend and also fellow artist, Laura Weintraub, but also hung out with great peeps like Mike (NEMO) Mendez, Jacob Jams, and RT Vegas.

Group Shot @ Suburban Vinyl!
Jacob Jams

Jacob Jams' impressive stop motion video of Miss Zukie's Zukie and my Custom Pocket Mummy Boys and RV1000 can be found here ^.^

This morning, I received an email from awesome Captain Action dude, Ed Catto, who mentioned me in his most recent Pop Nation column (in New Jersey's Main Street Magazine).

Lastly, I am expecting a package from the lovely Blazon Brikhaus, who has sculpted some absolute beauties for our holiday collab.  If UPS decides to leave it at my doorstep today, I should be starting these cuties tonight!  Very excited.

Let's not forget about the resin trees.  These are coming along (and not to mention selling) nicely.  If you're interested in any of the ones you see here and/or want to request a specific paint scheme, you can do that through my store.

And here we are, again.  Back to crunch time.  I have a slew of things to finish before Christmas, a few tentative plans, and a Chinese New Year collab with Mike (NEMO) Mendez in early 2014. 

Ok, kiddies.  Time for me to go.  I hope all of you on the U.S. East Coast enjoyed the wonder that was an ice storm, snow storm, and deep freeze earlier this week.  Put on some thick socks, make some tea, and keep cozy. 

Ohhhh and if anyone wants a holiday card, I'll be doing those within the next week or so.  All you have to do is email me at with your mailing address, and I'll send you a regular (as opposed to SoKo Cat themed) holiday card with a SoKo Cat sticker and post card! ^.^  Completely free of charge because I am an avid supporter of sending holiday cards.

Have a good rest of your week, nerds.  Stay nerdy and awesome.  Remember that in the winter, because you have your heat running, your space will tend to dry out.  You'll get static electricity, and a dry (maybe even bloody) nose with some pain in your sinuses.  A humidifier should help.  If you don't have a humidifier or don't feel like investing in one, a wet washcloth on your radiator or a pot of water lightly simmering on the stove should help.  Just don't forget to keep water in the pot or you'll ruin your pot!


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