Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Startup Initiated

Hope all of you in the U.S. had a mahvelous turkey day.  I visited some family up in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and returned home in time to do lots of Black Friday shopping.

To me, Thanksgiving is the metaphorical starting pistol that kicks off the holiday season.  Now that it's already December, painting has commenced.

This past month, a few collaborative projects were put to rest due to conflicting schedules, but another few were gained!  I'm not going to jinx myself by getting all excited and announcing it to everyone, but I definitely will say that I'm working with a mighty fine female artist who does exquisite sculpting (as well as painting) work.  Hint: the lady's stacked and that's a fact.

This next collaborative project is something I'm currently working on, and you might have seen pictures up on InstagramKris Dulfer recently cast 1 1/2" flat back resin trees in GID, translucent dark green, and white.  I'm painting them up and pricing them extraordinarily reasonably for my first release of Christmas-themed goodies!  They can be given as a small gift or stocking stuffer, or you can just use them as portable holiday décor!

The first few styles are basic ornaments, lights, candy canes, etc., but I do have other things planned like metallics, snow-covered, and different color schemes!  You can buy/order these at my store...and for $4.99 each, you can get more than one and not break the bank!

As always, if you would like a style not readily available in my store, feel free to request a specific design when you place your order!   Or you can just email me and we can work something out.

Dark Green, GID, and White Trees!

GID Trees! - Ornaments and Candy Canes!

What else have I been working on?  I'm glad you asked!

This Greasebat and Friends commission is virtually complete, and I'm very happy with the results!  They were much more time consuming that I originally thought, but it doesn't mean I didn't have a super time painting them!

Don't mind my Copic marker collection in the background.  Or my pallet.  Haha.  Art space.  I has it.
Alright, nerds.  Hopefully you are all doing well!  The holiday season is a bit hectic, so remember to take some time out of each day to decompress.  Last night, I decompressed by casually reading a fashion magazine. 

Specifically, this fashion magazine.

It's strange and a bit out of character for me to enjoy such propaganda (I don't actually think it's propaganda, but the brain-washed-women's-college-student in me wants me to think of it that way;  that part of my brain clearly needs to be lobotomized), but this 400+ page beauty smells pretty and has attractive, shiny pictures.  Most importantly, I can come home from work, change into PJs, sit on my couch, have a cup of tea, and waste an hour just flipping with minimum brain power.

Mind you, there is scoffing and rolling of the eyes as I see hideous trends and outrageous prices!  I am also aware of the poor body image these types of magazines instill onto adolescent girls and conscientious women...but damnit I just want to read a stupid fashion magazine!  Leave me alone, brain!

Ooo this page smells nice.


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