Thursday, November 14, 2013

White Noise

This is the calm before the storm.  It is that period (sometimes) after Halloween, but before Thanksgiving, where people are (justifiably) alarmed when seeing store Christmas sales and wreaths erected.  I decorated my home for Halloween after Halloween.  It was for a party on November 2nd, and they're still scattered about the house.  Once Thanksgiving comes and goes, I'll pull out the Christmas decorations, put the Halloween decorations into the newly-empty Christmas box, and then return the Christmas decorations to the Halloween box.  It's a system that only makes sense in my head.  Ok, it's convenient because I'm lazy, and I don't feel like having two boxes out at the same time.  Now it can make sense to everyone.

Earlier this week, I received an unexpected email from Denny over at TOMODACHI in Minnesota.  He invited me to be a part of We Love Vinyl 3, an art exhibition, in December.  I accepted, yes, but was slightly disappointed to have work assigned in my "calm before the storm" period.  Then I remembered I'd get to add one more show to my list.  It's so silly, honestly, to look at a growing list of shows in which you've participated and have the "yeaaaah, I was in those!", but it really brings immense satisfaction -- similar to that of crossing mundane things off of a to-do list.

(To Do - Tuesday November 12:
Have a piece of fruit
Drink a glass of water
Start laundry
Fold laundry
Empty dishwasher

YES!  I showered AND shaved!  Success!  Now off to have a piece of fruit WHILE drinking a glass of water!  This day is going SO well.

And then this happened.

I ate the sticker and failed at fruit-eating.

So, I definitely may have abandoned the rest of my list, turned on TV, and discovered I could stream Breaking Bad through Netflix.  That's where my day ended and Breaking Bad began.  If I had only discovered Breaking Bad before NYCC.  Cash Cannon and Don Chulo -- let's collab!  Texting them as we speak.

Moving on to work-related stuffs, Crummy Gummy posted pictures to Instagram from DCON.  Here's the final collection.  


Lastly is the most exciting part of this post (other than it being the end, lol).  The pygmies have officially sold out!  It took some time, but it's wonderful to see that my FIRST project managed to sell out!  Today is a day for victories, even if they're small, personal ones.  Those are the ones that matter the most, kids.  Oh, it's awesome to be validated by other peoples' comments, feedback, and (in my case) sales, but if I should perceive my own work as crap, everything else would be moot.

Was this post worth writing?  Who knows.  I shared my to-do list, showed the tragic loss of my apple sticker friend, and finally acknowledged Breaking Bad as a new blip on my radar.  If none of this appeals to you, enjoy the picture of the various Crummy Gummies, celebrate the sale of the remaining pygmy, and note my participation in We Love Vinyl 3...and think of the rest of this update as white noise.

Ok, kiddies.  You have a good one.  Stay warm because it's really starting to get cold!  Make art, love yourself, and then vomit because you're acting like a dirty hippie.  ^.^


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