Friday, September 27, 2013

T minus 13 days until NYCC!!!!

September starts the cascade of events that eventually lead to New Year's Day.  New Year's Day basically means a wicked hangover and panting.  By panting, I mean finally stopping to take a breath.  Only 13 days until Comic Con!

Until then, I'm pretty much painting when I'm not eating, sleeping, or working.  Lately, a lot has been happening.  I've gained some pretty awesome studio space!  ^.^

Yay!  Studio space!
Promotional SoKo Cat items have been ordered and are beginning to trickle in!

This will be my postcard and sticker!

My buttons!

I'm buying a bunch of small items for Chiller Theatre so I can have items ranging from $1 to lots!

 Aaaand here are my current works in progress for NYCC and Chiller!

Zombie Candy Corns and GID Marley's Ghost - dia de los muertos variant
Marley's Ghost - bloody variant

Top: mini candy/caramel apple dunny WIP / Bottom: NYCC exclusives

Originally for Chiller, but as of last night, someone may have bought it and its mate. ^.^

So very exhausted tired always covered in paint excited!

Ok, kiddies.  I has the works to finish.  Be good and remember: drinking too much apple cider will give you a belly ache and etc.  But mostly etc.  If you don't know what I mean, drink too much apple cider.  Then you will know.


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