Monday, May 20, 2013

SoKo Cat Returns!

The rumors and increased Instagram activity are true!  She returns!  No one is more excited than me.  Seriously.  There was a lot of work and school stuff that simply interfered too much to allow me to produce anything noteworthy, so I took a break from painting after the pygmy drop.  Now that school is permanently over (hellooooo graduation!), I have evenings and weekends free.  For those of you who care enough to actually inquire, it's an M.B.A.  I think I mentioned it in an earlier post...but I'm too lazy to go and double check.

Currently, my schedule is rather full.  I am very busy, but very happy.  ^.^ 

Here are my top 5 projects (in order of urgency...but they ALL need to be done somewhat soon):
  1. Monster Magnets for Argonaut Resins
  2. O'BOTs for Carbon-Fibre Media and Argonaut Resins
  3. Work for Dream in Plastic's Custom Toy Show
  4. 12" Vinyl  for Art in the Groove
  5. Kaiju Kaos Mushrooms 
Others include but are not limited to:  
Lunartik Mini Custom Cup o' Tea
DrilOne Drones
October Toys Deadbeets and OMFG Series 1 and 2
Motorbot Owl
Dubose Eggnabber
Ocular (Hellgnome) Monsters
64 Colors Gumdrops

Aaaand my brain just broke thinking about my workload.


...I'd really like some Oreo cookies right about now...and a nap.

Aaaand I'm back.

What have I been working on for the past week?  Mostly the Monster Magnets and carefully basecoating the O'BOTs.

Who wants to see pictures?  You do.

O'BOT basecoat.  Was thinking of doing rusty Gir!  That would be tragically epic. 

Completed Monster Magnet 1 of 3 (Franken Hulk)
Completed Monster Magnet 2 of 3 (Demon)

Completed Monster Magnet 3 of 3! (Wolf Man)
I'm very, VERY happy with these magnets.  There are three more to go, and I'll post when I'm done with those.  I think I'll do a bunch of these for Chiller Theatre this fall.  They're very Halloweeny and hopefully people will like them!  These specific magnets will probably be available in my store within the next week.  I'll also be doing some type of blog announcement, so don't worry -- you won't forget.

Ok, ok.

Yes, I'm still updating my blog at work.  Which means that sometimes I have to go and do work.

Like right now.

Stay nerdy, thanks for the support, and thanks for staying with me even though my artsy fartsiness was dormant. 

I'll defs talk to you all soon.  That's a promise, not a threat.


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