Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Crunch Time V. 2.0

I'm starting to feel the pressure of another approaching crunch time.  April is going to be a very busy month, and I should have started on virtually everything already. 

Here's the list of events I will either be attending or painting one or more things for:

ToyConUK - needs to be mailed out by March 31st 
Vinyl Thoughts New York - needs to be mailed out by April 8th 
Chiller Theatre - April 25th -- Ideally, it'd be great to have everything done by the previous weekend (April 19th) since this is a huge event that will require a lot more than just painting and mailing (I'm a vendor)

Plus two commissions.  Oh boy, I have one full plate!

Lots of my recent work has been either commissioned or otherwise casual, personal painting.  Recently, I started on a chibi Godzilla 6-pack.  Even though I've decided to paint them according to their original colorscheme, I managed to have it stand out from the store-bought painted figures. 

Chibi Gigan!
Chibi Destoroyah!

I've also been working on this adorable corn on the cob Micro Greasebat.  For some reason, the idea of painting this dude to look like an ear of corn really excited me.  Below, I painted a butter & sugar scheme, but I also have plans to paint the 2nd Micro Greasebat in an Indian corn colorscheme. 

Butter & Sugar Micro Greasebat
As I paint the things I have, at least twice the volume of blank/unpainted/what-I-plan-to-paint-at-a-later-date-and-will-most-certainly-not-forget-about...toys arrive.

Paul Shih aka Hollow Threat recently sent an awesome package filled with goodies.  I hope to have this stuff painted for one of the events I listed above, but I simply refuse to make any guarantees.  Mostly it's because I'm afraid of breaking promises.  These awesome resin pieces are absolutely wonderful, and I really hope to have these painted by the end of the month.

Pandara, Lil Death, and Bevil
 Mark Nagata is uber amazing.  This is not new news, but every time I receive a package from him, I find myself more wowed by him and the business he has built for himself.  The Kaiju Zanga is one of my two giant projects, presumably for Chiller in late April.  If I put my mind to it, I could finish this in a week, but I'm still hemming and hawing about the color scheme. 

You will be painted, Zanga.  Oh, yes.  You will be painted.  I will not be defeated by you. ^.^

Kaiju Zanga 

Ok, kiddies.  Time to go.  I'll update again this week with more pictures of the chibi godzilla pieces.  Until then, enjoy the 50-60°F weather and completely forget the fact that we're supposed to have more snow this coming Thursday.  Better yet, you should spend some time outside today.  Maybe you should grill some burgers!  Mmmm burgers.  Now I want burgers.


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