Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Friday! WOOOOO!

Every Friday, I rejoice at the week's end by singing "It's Friday, Friday!" from that stupid Rebecca Black song.  What's it called?  Friday.  duh

Partyin', partyin' yeah!

I'm singing a song that 15 year girls enjoy.  But I'm also quoting Will McAvoy from HBO's The Newsroom.  Which of these you intend to judge me more severely is entirely up to you.

We had some lovely weather here in the northeast this past week.  Last weekend it was nearly 60°F, and even though I really enjoyed it, I secretly hoped for more cold weather and snow.  When I got into my car this morning, it was 5°F.  I'll be eating last weekend's words and then some later on this weekend as we bunker down for yet another snowstorm.  No, who am I kidding?  I heart this kind of weather.  Fingers crossed, I'm hoping for another snow day Monday.  I can get some awesome painting time in, and the thought of sitting around in PJs painting and drinking tea really excites me. 

Since we last spoke, I've made a few purchases and created an uber-awesome piece.  Let's start with the purchases.  There were several awesome recent drops, and I consider myself super lucky to be the proud owner of the following items:

Penelope McStompsalot

Kidrobot and Huck Gee have really outdone themselves.  It's an 8" Dunny acting as a mech for the 3" Dunny!  Not only is this a chick, but she's super bad-ass!  All of this is very cool, but my make or break was definitely the hinge opening.  Amazeballs AND awesomesauce.

There's only one place I know of that still has these beauties in stock.  And you, fair readers, are privileged enough to gain this power knowledge URL: Last I checked, they had TWO in stock.  

Pocket Rose Vampire
Translucent Green Glitter

Aside from SDCC releases, I've never been privy to an actual Super7 RV release.  Creator Joshua Herbolsheimer is a super-talented dude, and I really enjoy his totes adorbs art.  Believe it or not, once I called the Super7 Store in the good ole San Fran inquiring about a toy that may or may not be in their inventory, and he answered the phone.  We chatted for about 10 minutes until at the very end of the conversation I thanked him for his help and asked his name.  He said "Josh," very matter-of-factly, and after a brief pause, I asked "the RV creator?" and he laughed and said yes. 

Lol, I'm not a silly fangirl, but when I find out I'm talking to the creator of a really popular designer toy, I'm going to say "I painted a few, and it was a lot of fun.  Thanks for making such a great platform."

And then he said thanks and we ended the call.  All of that aside, I took total advantage of this sale (they're $25 instead of their normal $35!) and can't wait to show you what I create! 

Speaking of create, here it is!  My new art for the week!.  It's still not 100% complete, but I'm really happy with it.

Lol it's a Mint Chocolate Chip Foster!  Also a Super 7 product, I've been wanting to paint one of these since I first discovered Super7.  Similar to that of the Rose Vampire, they had a Foster release a little while back.  I scooped several up with the intention of customizing at least one.  Before even sitting down with my brush in my hand, I knew he would be mint chocolate chip.  Every time I look at him, I crave ice cream sandwiches.  I guess that means I did a good enough job ^.^

What's next on the queue?  A customized Death Serpent, and some chibi Godzilla toys.  There will definitely be smaller projects in between.  Taking on this Death Serpent will not be an easy or quick task.  Imma have to construct a project schedule diagram n'shit.

Lastly, my Pups have arrived safely back from SubUrban Vinyl and are available in my store right now!  They're on sale!  20% off! 

So, yeah.  That's really all, kiddies. I hope everyone has a good weekend.  If you're in the northeast, prepare for another storm!  Maybe that'll get you doing something you've been meaning to complete for months/years/centuries.

Until then, be good, eat your veggies, and take a moment to just take a breath today.  You work hard and should occasionally stop to look around before 10 years has passed in the blink of an eye. 

I'll be right back.

kthxbai ^.^

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