Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This past week has been very busy.  Again, not complaining.  I'm happy to be painting on a regular basis.  I really can't communicate how happy I am to no longer be in school.  Words are not enough.  There would need to be hugging and jumping...

On Saturday, Small Angry Monster and I drove up to Beacon, N.Y. and attended the Dream in Plastic Custom Toy Show opening reception.  We had tons of fun, met lots of cool peeps, saw a variety of art, and devoured cupcakes.  Ok, specifically, I devoured cupcakes.  A plethora, as it were.  It's a weakness, I tell you!  A WEAKNESS!  Regardless of the presence of cupcakes, I'm glad to have taken the trek. ^.^

Carbon Fibre Media and Argonaut Resins provided tons of positive O'Bot feedback.  I was given the green light to post a small sneak preview:

I know, not much...but it's better than nothing!  You'll definitely see soon enough once the press releases are flying.

Speaking of pictures, several items have been crossed off of the "to-do" list this week!  Pictures are up on Instagram, but I'll also provide a few below.  Some of these items are also available in my store!
DrilOne Drones!  I know I say this a lot, but these were an absolute JOY to paint!

Dead Hand Toys Gread!  Toxic Gread.  He'll literally melt your heart.

KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES Marvelous Death.  Unsettlingly sexay.

Custom Tokidoki Unicorno. BLOODSTORM!!!! RAWWWRRR!!!

Aaaand, as always, here is this week's updated top 5 projects list:
  1. 12" Vinyl  for Art in the Groove 
  2. October Toys Deadbeets  
  3. Triplikid's Gropers (Primed)
  4. Commissioned Saikobi and Negora!  
  5. Cash Cannon's Zombie Candy Corns (they're on their way here!)
Others include but are not limited to:  

Lunartik Mini Custom Cup o' Tea (I need a really good idea)
October Toys OMFG Series 1 and 2
Motorbot Owl
Ocular (Hellgnome) Monsters
64 Colors Gumdrops

Things that need to be mailed:
Dubose's Eggnabber
Kaiju Kaos Mushrooms
KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES Marvelous Death
DrilOne Drone

I've also put money down on a table!  It's official!  I = vendor at Chiller!  Haha, this next part is sad but true.  I'm super, uber excited for this because it gives me an excuse to do Halloween-related artsy stuff well before October.

Ok, all.  I have a dentist appointment this afternoon and need some time to gather my strength to show up.

Haha, you think I'm kidding.  Well, I am.

Sort of.

There may or may not be tranquilizers involved.

You all have a great day!  Stay nerdy and remember to wash your paint brushes in cold water only!  Otherwise you'll weaken the adhesive that keeps the bristles in the brush, and they'll less likely to be perfect and neat and smooth and more like your hair when you've taken a shower and fell asleep before it had time to dry.

Yeah.  Like that.


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