Thursday, January 31, 2013

Custom Tribal Pygmy Blind Box Series - Date Announced!

It's official!  I'll be dropping these little cutie patooties this Saturday, February 02, 2013 in my store!  Currently, I don't have any pictures that have been taken with an actual camera (vs. my phone).  I also don't have a white background large enough to accommodate more than one or two pygmies at a time.  Aaaand yes, I still need to finish the grass skirts and try out the jewelry.  What was I doing last night, you ask?  I was searching for the new series of Kre-O Microchangers and then playing Talisman.  (Nerd alert!)  Even us busy folks need some time to unwind every once in a while.

Blurb about the pygmies: Done in collaboration with Small Angry Monster, this 10-piece blind box drop will be available Saturday 02/02/2013.  These vinyl toys have removable handmade wooden tiki masks.  Each of the 2.5" figures in the series is unique; figures and masks have been hand painted with high quality acrylic paints.  All come signed and numbered by SoKo Cat (that’s me!).

So there we have it.  My first series drop!  Very excited.  Hopefully everyone will be very happy with the quality of work and creativity.

I was also thinking about using one as a giveaway.  Maybe in a week or so, I'll try to reach 300 followers and use a leftover pygmy (assuming there are any left over ^.^).  We'll see.

Ok, nerds.  I have lots of work to finish up before I can go home and paint for the remainder of the evening (yes, I'm at work), so I shall bid you farewell for now.  After I've finished these dudes and dudettes and have official photos, I'll update again.  Talk to you all soon.  Stay warm, dry, healthy, and nerdy as always.


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