Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Madness

Happy Monday!  I don't mean it.  I don't mean it at all.  Mondays are horrifying because that means I am back at work and need to actually do all of the things I actively decided not to do last week.  

Naturally, this means I should update my blog!

This past weekend was productive and exciting for a variety of reasons.  I've been chugging along nicely with the LOTR Goblin Town goblins.  There will be pictures soon, I promise, but any artist will agree with me when I say that right before everything comes together it looks like absolute rubbish.  I'm at the peak of my rubbish phase and refuse to take pictures until I have all of the skin properly highlighted.  From there, I'll complete the last of the highlights on the leather, weapons, and facial features (eyes, toofs, and hair).  

Small Angry Monster volunteered to paint Radagast from the Goblin Town box and managed to have him done by this weekend.  When I went up to Connecticut Friday/Saturday, he revealed this lovely piece of artistry!  He claims that he didn't spend very much time at all on it and estimates that this is approximately 50% of his ability.  50%?  Are you kidding?  Bah.  Whatevs.  To be fair, this isn't his most impressive work (not by far), but I think we can agree that it is super-duper-uber awesomeholyshitwoooows.

I mean -- look at this!  Radagast (and Sebastian)'s paint job is freakin' awe inspiring!

BLAH!  Talking about his painting for more than a few minutes makes me want to vom out of pure self-deprecation.  I kid, I kid!


Sooooooo moving on (snicker), this past week I purchased a newly released goblin (far left in the picture) from fellow artist Jonathan DuBose and he was so wonderfully kind enough to send me an extra load of goodies!  Because I'm looking to expand my portfolio, I'm offering to paint and return pieces to other artists.  Win-win, right?  Well, in any case, the middle piece is the only one he wants me to return after I've finished painting them.  

Oh, wow.  Yes, it does seem like I have a thing for goblins.  I assure you it's entirely coincidental.  That's very strange.  Hmm...

Other than that, I'm procrastinating the shiznat out of the Tricky Trikky and getting all of my Goblin Town lovelies done.  After that?  Maybe some of Mr. DuBose's resin pieces, maybe some custom Munnys with Small Angry Monster, and, oh yes -- I have zombies in my future.  Specifically a box o' zombies.

So much to do!  And school starts back up next Tuesday.  Did I mention that I'm entering my last semester of graduate school?  Well, I am.  An MBA.  Not because I like business, but because I was feeling restless and my company has a decent tuition reimbursement policy.  If you want to know more, I'll be happy to elaborate some day.  Not like you care, but whatevs. ^.^

Ok, nerds.  It's time for me to head out.  I'll surely be back for more ramblings later on this week.  Maybe if we're all lucky, I'll have pictures of nearly completed goblins.  Until then, be patient, remain curious and interested in my slowly progressing work, laugh at my sarcastic and senseless ramblings, and most importantly, stay nerdy.


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